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Improve operational efficiency with product data management

Integrating product data management in a digital solution or product information management platform, we allow brands to manage product-related data and perform relative processes from a single platform. 

Manage computer-generated design data, manufacturing instructions, models, documents, parts information, requirements, notes, and more by developing tailored product data management platforms. 

All the product-related information can be stored, managed, enriched, consolidated, aggregated, and distributed across different sales and marketing channels with the help of advanced solutions having integration of product data management. 

Credencys develops the product data management solutions using the Pimcore platform. By harnessing the potential of open-source technology, we enable the brands with cost-effective solutions that accelerate business processes and reduce the total cost of ownership.   

Implementing product data management solutions, our professionals help organizations manage their product data seamlessly in a centralized location with greater accuracy and consistency.

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Our product data management expertise

Product data editing

Credencys enables the companies with a standardized product creation process. Duplicate an existing product, add a new product using a template or in a customized format, and enrich product data automatically that are imported from the ERP. Product data organization, classification, aggregation, and translation are the key features of data editing. Add and manage all the product-related data in a structure, hierarchy, and versions with proper data validation.

Product batch editing

We build a solution that enables the companies with an excel-like tabular form for all the data records. Under the product batch, we allow users to perform various activities such as data sorting and filtering, searching, bulk editing, inline editing, exporting product data from Excel, and more. Integrating a query builder, our experts help businesses define the column configuration in advance and share them across the teams.

User and rights management

Implementing advanced rights management, we ensure the security of product data. Brands provide permission-based access to the individual users that limit the access to the data. The user and rights management enables the users with customized layouts as per their respective user group and supports the editorial workflow. We integrate industry-standard SSO protocols and multifactor authentication to enable users with a unified login experience.

Product data validation

To deliver high-quality product data, Credencys integrates product data validation that validates all the attributes based on predefined rules. We build robust solutions that allow companies to manage various data types including selection lists that come with predefined possible values. To enable the brands with outstanding data quality, we allow organizations to preconfigure the different types of data including geodata, colors, languages, URLs, countries, SKUs, and more.

User interface

Credencys excels in developing tailored product information management solutions with highly configurable user interfaces. Enterprises are allowed to adjust user interfaces as per the specific needs of each user group. By offering a variety of user interfaces, we help brands to improve the data management experience. Allowing companies with domain-specific data management and business user task management, we help them increase the efficiency of editorial workflow.

Product data publishing & versioning

Integrating publishing & versioning, we help companies to manage massive data effectively by defining data governance policies paired with workflows. Allowing organizations to define access management rules, we provide them with complete control over product information. We offer features like schedule publishing, quick restore of the earlier version, data tracking, etc. Offering a complete audit trail, we help you track every modification made to product data.

Customized data view

Credencys builds digital platforms with granular control with permissions and managing data. The solution provides a custom view of data for different users and roles. We create a simplified user interface for marketers and restrict access to individual fields. The translation feature allows your teams to edit descriptions but you are not allowed to make any changes in technical attributes. Enable the internal and external stakeholders with personalized data management.

Product data management solutions developed by Credencys

B2C solutions

We integrate product data management in a product-driven consumer-facing digital platform such as an eCommerce store, website, etc. With the centralized management of product information, brands design engaging user journeys, improve customer experiences, and increase conversion rate.

B2B Solutions

Credencys has proven expertise in building B2B solutions using product data management. We deploy digital solutions that help brands connect with suppliers, vendors, distributors, partners, and other external stakeholders. It allows all the external users to update the relevant product data on the fly.


We develop feature-rich websites using the potential of product data management. Companies promote and sell the products on the website with accurate, consistent & relevant product information. Creating avant-garde websites, we allow brands to manage product-related data such as attributes, product images, SKUs. etc. in a single location.

eCommerce portal

To publish a product on an eCommerce platform, companies need to launch the product with correct and complete information. It helps customers to make the right buying decisions. Integrating product data management, we help organizations to manage thousands of products with hundreds of attributes seamlessly.


Product data management is highly required for quicker on-boarding of products on leading marketplaces. Using the product data management capabilities, our technology experts indirectly help companies publish the updated product data by leveraging the advanced capabilities of product data management.

Product information management solution

We have a team of Pimcore certified PIM experts who have successfully deployed best-in-class solutions for startups to large-scale companies. Implementing product data management in PIM, we help organizations manage product information effectively and distribute product data across different output channels effortlessly.

Product catalog management

Credencys develops product catalog management solutions by integrating product data management. Implementing the capabilities of product data management, we help brands manage, edit, create versions, and publish the accurate product on the product catalog that sales and marketing teams share with customers.

Credencys has a team of skilled professionals who have proven experience in developing tailored digital solutions by implementing product data management. Share your specific project requirements with our programmers and understand how product data management helps brands attain business objectives.


Services offered by Credencys for product data management

Credencys offers end-to-end services to build and integrate custom product data management as per the precise business needs of the businesses. We help organizations streamline the PDM System processes by offering data editing, batch editing, versioning, publishing, and more features. 


We offer exclusively personalized consultation to the companies where we collect PDM System requirements from the clients. Our business consultants understand the clients’ requirements & challenges, analyze the needs, and suggest the best digital solution.

Discovery workshop

Once the requirements are collected, our team of business analysts starts defining the project scopes. We define user stories, design technical architecture, create working prototypes, perform the technical assessment, create a roadmap for project development, identify technology stack and define the approx. project development cost in discovery workshop.


After the detailed analysis of product requirements, we develop and integrate the modules, features, and functionality as per the specific project needs. We have a team of certified Pimcore developers who have proven experience in developing the product data management platform for different types and sizes of product-driven businesses.


Credencys excels in integrating the existing enterprise systems and third-party software with the product data management platform. Integrating different software, applications, or systems with product data management, we keep the product data updated across different organizational systems.


To ensure the seamless functioning of the product data management features, functionality, and modules, we apply rigorous testing. Credencys develops high-quality digital solutions by offering different manual and automated testing. Functional testing improves solution performance and stress testing reduces the solution downtime.


After the competition of design, development, and testing, we implement the product data management solution in your preferred server. Our development team also makes sure the solution works flawlessly in the expected technical environment.

Support & maintenance

Credencys produces on-demand support and maintenance services for the solution developed and implemented. We take care of feature enhancement, bug fixing, and different system operations under the support services. When it comes to maintenance services, we ensure the product data management solution works seamlessly on an ongoing basis.

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Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

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Why businesses should consider product data management?

Quicker product search

Implementation of product data management allows storing data centrally with data tracking and data controlling and makes product search faster.

Better decision making

Managing all product data in a single repository, brands can have a holistic view of product information and make the right business decision.

Improved collaboration

Product data management sets up smooth collaboration for internal teams and external partners by allowing them to access updated product data all the time.

Streamlined operations

Leverage streamlined and automated product information management processes with effective and accurate product data management.

Our process to build product data management platform


Requirement Gathering & Analysis

  • Understanding your business
  • Comprehending requirements
  • Drafting proposal document


Wireframes & Design

  • Screenflow strategy
  • Creating wireframes
  • Designing the UI


Quality Assurance

  • Testing the PIM solution
  • Sharing test report
  • Get final approval from client


Deployment & Launch

  • Deploying a PIM solution on the client’s server
  • Launching the PIM solution
  • Post-launch support

Engagement models to build product data management solutions

We have a team of Pimcore certified developers who have successfully developed and deployed the product data management platform for start-ups to large-scale organizations based on their tailored needs. Harness the potential of our skilled professions by hiring them through engagement models.

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Fixed cost

It is the right choice for projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.
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Time & material

The engagement model allows you to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.
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Offshore development center

We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

Tools & Technologies

Credencys excels in deploying product information management solutions integrating the advanced product data management features and functionality. Using advanced technologies, we build a robust solution that works flawlessly and accurately in the preferred technical environment.

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FAQs: product data management

Product data management includes product descriptions, technical specifications, protocols for developing and manufacturing the products, and more. It manages all the material required to produce and publish the final products.

Product data management offers a lot of benefits to organizations such as finding the correct data faster, optimizing operational resources, improving productivity, reducing development errors, meeting business requirements and regulatory needs, reducing cycle time, and more.

Integrating product data management, we enable your project manager, salespeople, engineers, quality assurance, and buyers with reporting and knowledge management capabilities.

Product data management helps companies maintain, organize, and disseminate product data across the organization in a safe and secure way. It helps all stakeholders to have a common understanding of the product throughout the product life cycle. It improves the speed of product publishing, reduces PDM System errors, and improves the efficiency of your product data management team.


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