How to make On-demand Moving App: Reason to Develop, Features, and Development Cost
By: Manish Shewaramani

How to make On-demand Moving App: Reason to Develop, Features, and Development Cost

Since Uber became popular, many on-demand, app based startups have been a major trend and businesses are looking to hire iPhone app developer and Android app developer, who develop the concept of on-demand app for them. The concept of ‘Uber for X’ that suggests on-demand delivery service became popular and it might be the future for many market segments like moving and delivery, service ordering and so on.

As Uber connected drivers with passengers, an on-demand moving app can bridge the gap between requestors with their preferred carriers by eliminating the requirement of middlemen. The service that makes a direct connection between trucks and those who require them can be dubbed an Uber for trucking.

The logistics industry would surely get advantage from having on-demand app for transportation, as it minimizes expenses, reduces time spent on searching requestors, enhances visibility across the entire supply chain and prevents a vehicle from moving empty.

In this blog, we overview on-demand moving app like Dolly that hits $1 million in revenue and expands into SF and DC. This blog will help you to understand what functionality should have to provide your customer with excellent moving and delivery service. Besides, you can also look at the cost of developing an UberTruck clone for both Android and iOS platforms.

5 Must-have features to Add While developing on-demand moving and delivering app like Uber

Geo – Locating + Real-Time Tracking

Geo-location and real-time tracking are two of the important features that you shouldn’t miss while developing an app like UberTruck. It is vital to allow users to keep track of their vehicle ordered with respect to on-demand delivery and moving application.

It will be an excellent approach to give users the ease to trace the delivery of the requested service. Integrating the real-time tracking feature increases the productivity of the app among the users. With real-time tracking features, users can also see the expected wait time or the anticipated hours before delivery.

Geo-locating feature is a must if you are going live with developing delivery and moving application.

Offer them Numerous Choices for Booking

It has become a necessity to provide alternatives to the customers, as they provide in Dolly and Uber app, starting from small transport to a huge vehicle. This will allow your user to book vehicle as per their requirements. Alternatively, you can also provide pickup and drop choices to make booking easy and convenience.

Schedule Booking and Pre-booking

Success depends on customer satisfaction and thus, an on-demand app must-have feature that provides users to book service as and when they needed.

Pre-booking facility reflects user convenience. Regardless of whether it is one-day pre-booking or locking service for a month, users are aggravated by customized service that supports and encourages the long-term relationship. So, while communicating with the development team, tell them to add pre-booking feature in On-demand Moving and Delivery App.

In-App Communication

Sometimes, users are not aware of certain app features or looking for support service to their ride. In-app communication feature makes communication immediate and enhances the overall app experience. With this feature, users can raise the questions and get an answer immediately through voice/video calling, or chatting.

Suitable and Secure Payment Methods

The suitable and secure payment methods are an essential feature to add when building an on-demand app like Uber and Dolly. In fact, we have added Credit Card payment option that secured with Stripe in our VanMile. This app provides seamless payment experience to users, so they can easily make payment with preferred payment mode and experience smooth service.

Other than a credit card, various payment methods like eWallet, cash, etc. are to be added before developing an on-demand moving app like Uber.

Bonus Feature for Your Users

Push Notifications

If you want to keep your users updated, corresponding reminders and alerts are very important to add in your app. Push notification features enable your users to specify significant details and pending services. Having this feature in your app eliminates the chance of users to miss out any particular event related to pick-up and delivery.

How much does it cost to build On-Demand Moving App like Vanmile?

When you develop an app like Uber or Dolly, you actually develop two apps, i.e. for driver and for a user. If you are asking for the cost to develop an on-demand moving app like Vanmile or Uber, then you would have to pay for services like

  • Design
  • Android and iOS native app development
  • Web development
  • Backend development
  • Project management
  • Testing

According to our estimates of a similar project, Vanmile, it takes around 5000 hours, depends on the complexity of a project, to develop an on-demand moving app for user and driver. The cost depends on software development project complexity and timelines, which vary greatly from $30 per hour to $40 per hour.

To know more about mobile app development cost for iOS and android, you can directly contact our sales representative to know how much does it costs to develop and design an app.

Keeping track of the driver and your goods while they are on the move


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