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What sets us apart as a top AngularJS development company?

Created and maintained by Google, AngularJS helps businesses build pixel-perfect, highly-dynamic web applications that support user engagement and conversion.

Being a renowned AngularJS development company, we help startups to Fortune 500 companies materialize their unique idea into a full-fledged web application with complete customization.

Our AngularJS developers understand that today’s users want highly-interactive user experience and therefore we focus on creating a unique, dynamic, and custom design that delights your users.

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Our AngularJS development services

Custom AngularJS development

Delivering scalable, secure, and custom Angular JS web app development by implementing our years of domain expertise.

AngularJS UI/UX development

Using the power of HTML, we are creating visually appealing and highly intuitive UI/UX designs that deliver higher customer satisfaction.

Angular API development

Offering high-performing enterprise-oriented Angular API development services, considering client’s business requirements.

Real-Time app development

Integrating AngularFire or Socket with NodeJS and Grunt, we are developing real-time apps that deliver the user experience and performance.

AngularJS consulting services

Providing AngularJS consulting services through expert and experienced developers to deliver an idea about AngularJS technology.

AngularJS enterprise development

Developing engaging and interactive web apps using a robust and agile AngularJS platform to deliver seamless performance across devices.

We deliver complete AngularJS development services that transform your idea into a complete product on committed time with high-quality.


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Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

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What’s our secret?

For becoming top AngularJS development company!

Full Stack Developers

Our experts have a huge understanding of the JavaScript ecosystem and thus, delivering excellent development services with different Angular projects.

Clean Coding Strategies

Delivering quality Angular JS web development is our main aim. We use clean coding for our clients to understand the code with ease.

Agile Methodology

Adopting agile methodology for development to ensure effective product scoping, excellent quality and fast time-to-market.

Expertise in AngularJS

Delivering custom AngularJS development solutions by implementing updated technologies to ensure maximum ROI for you.

Our AngularJS development process


Requirement gathering & analysis

  • Understanding your business
  • Comprehending requirements
  • Drafting proposal document


Wireframes & design

  • Screenflow strategy
  • Creating wireframes
  • Designing the UI



  • Deciding project phases
  • Coding the project
  • Client’s feedback


Quality assurance

  • Testing the application
  • Sharing test report
  • Get final approval from client


Deployment & launch

  • Deploy app on client’s server
  • Launching the app
  • Post-launch support

Hire AngularJS developer
to build competitive solutions

Our Angular JS web developers have ability to transform the client’s business idea into action to build agile solutions. We ensure to deliver reliable AngularJS development services with different engagement models to choose from.

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Fixed cost

It is the right choice for the projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.

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Time & material

The engagement model allows to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.

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Offshore development center

We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

Tools & Technologies

Credencys engineers always keep up with emerging technologies to deliver the best solution possible to our clients. We leverage the following technology stack to build Angular-based applications.

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FAQs: AngularJS development services

No. Angular JS is the first version of Angular created by Google and it is based on JavaScript. But as the popularity of AngularJS increased, the development team behind Angular JS decided to create a completely new framework based on the TypeScript. And to avoid the confusion, they removed JS and thus the latest version is now called Angular.

Angular is popular because it offers modularity, which helps developers create multiple modules for an application. These modules are usually dependent on each other and combining them makes an application whole.

Technically, Angular is better than React because unlike React which is based on JavaScript, Angular uses TypeScript, which is just a more compact and error-free programming language. However, React also has its own set of advantages and is better for building certain kinds of applications.

Angular has the following key features:

  • MVC framework
  • POJO model
  • DOM manipulation
  • Less code to write
  • Behavior with directives

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