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What sets us apart as top master data management company?

Master data management implementation is the master record of all your organizational data. It is a centralized repository of up-to-date and reliable master data that is distributed across all your enterprise systems.

Credencys holds exceptional capabilities to customize and implement quality-driven master data management solutions that allow companies to manage multi-domain data that consists of product data, customer data, asset data, partner (vendor/ supplier/ distributor) data, employee data, reference data, and location data.

We build next-gen master data management systems that work as an ultimate and single source of truth by enabling you with an aggregated view of your enterprise data. Implementing a custom MDM solution, we help brands to achieve better data governance and quality.

Integrating all your business applications like ERP, CRM, supply chain management system, order management system, etc. with the master data management solutions, we facilitate organizations with a complete and accurate view of their business data. MDM systems allow for versioning, validation, and enrichment of data along with all attributes, documentation, descriptions, translations, and other related data.

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Our Master Data Management System Expertise

Credencys develops scalable and expandable master data management solutions by integrating flexible data models. We ensure that MDM systems allow companies to manage B2B and B2C data seamlessly and accurately in a single place along with other enterprise data. Our master data management capabilities involve

Data quality/semantic

We develop a robust master data management system that meets your data quality standards for different datasets ranging from unstructured to structured data and external to internal data. We allow you to define cleansing rules, match, verify, and standardize your master data to access accurate and updated data for your different operations.

Hierarchy management

Create, store, and manage the multiple hierarchies for the effective classification of your massive business data with the help of an MDM solution. It allows you to create multiple entity hierarchy, manage multiple data domains, and enforce data stewardship with a streamlined process. Manage your multi-domain hierarchies centrally for extensive functionality and diverse business needs.

Rich Content Integration

Improve brand consistency and compliance by sending high-quality media assets across several channels using a custom master data management system. Create simplified and engaging customer experiences by presenting digital assets and content in a predefined layout. Rich content integration is easy to extend and simple to configure to meet your changing business needs.

Audit Trail

Implementing a feature-rich master data management solution, we allow you to manage and maintain different versions of your unstructured and structured data in a single place. It enables you with better data stewardship and data governance. You can track the version history or changes along with other data like who modified the data and when.

Superior connectivity

Credencys integrates the master data management solution with your existing enterprise systems and third-party applications. Establishing seamless connectivity between MDM and other business systems, we ensure the high availability of master data all the time. We have proven expertise to connect your cloud & on-premise data, unstructured & structured data, external and internal data, and more with MDM solutions.

Workflow management

We implement a workflow engine while developing master data management solutions. It enables you to classify, quarantine, assign, escalate, and resolve issues related to data quality in your master data. An MDM system helps you define and manage editorial workflow and business processes effortlessly. Leveraging custom frontend capabilities, you can improve your persistent monitoring and collaborate faster.

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Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

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Why businesses should consider master data management?

Improved time-to-market

Master data management solutions manage a large volume and variety of business data effectively that boost your operational efficiency and improve time to market.

Accelerate digital transformation

MDM eliminates data silos across the organization. It improves business outcome by bringing customer experience management & data management together in a consolidated platform.

Reduced Cost

Implement an open-source master data management system that reduces your development cost dramatically. Leverage multi-domain capabilities of MDM to expand to a new data domain at a minimal cost.

Single source of truth

MDM is a single source of truth as it enables you with an aggregated view of all your business data. You can store, manage, consolidate, and syndicate all the data from a centralized data repository.

Our process to build master data management solutions


Requirement Gathering & Analysis

  • Understanding your business
  • Comprehending requirements
  • Drafting proposal document


Wireframes & Design

  • Screenflow strategy
  • Creating wireframes
  • Designing the UI



  • Deciding project phases
  • Coding the project
  • Client’s feedback


Quality Assurance

  • Testing the MDM system
  • Sharing Test report
  • Get final approval from the client


Deployment & Launch

  • Deploy an MDM solution on client’s server
  • Launching the app
  • Post-launch support

Engagement models to develop master data management solution

Credencys has successfully developed and implemented master data management systems for small scale to large scale organizations. To get started with your MDM project, you can select any of the engagement models available below.

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Fixed cost

It is the right choice for the projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.

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Time & material

The engagement model allows to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.

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Offshore development center

We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

Tools & Technologies

We build master data management solutions using the latest tools and technologies to ensure the robust performance of the system.

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FAQs: Master data management

Master data management includes a set of software tools, IT technology, and data collection processes to establish an enterprise-wide coordination of data to improve data consistency and data accuracy across the organization.

The best practices for effective master data management implementation are alignment of MDM vision with your business vision, define multiphase strategies, track progress, effective collaboration, maintain architecture consistency and product fit, embrace data governance and choose the right master data management solution provider.

ZERO. Yes, the cost of developing a master data management solution using Pimcore’s capabilities is zero as it is an open-source digital platform. However, there is the only cost of implementation & customization and that varies project to project. You can book 30 minutes of free consultation to know more about the cost.

To get started with master data management, you need to gain knowledge of MDM, analyze your current data management approach, define your scopes, define business cases, determine stakeholders, execute data governance policies, design MDM charter, select & implement your MDM platform, and keep measuring the success after implementation.


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